Dog Houses Needed!!

Many dogs live their life outside. At first, it doesn’t sound so bad. Trees, grass, cover. Imagine, however, living your life outside with no shelter, in the winter. A bare back yard, trees with no leaves, no cover or protection from the rain or snow and it’s 20 degrees!

Angie, the Fairy Dogmother of Dallas, tries to get shelter for West Dallas dogs all year round but especially this time of year.  If anyone has a dog house that is not being used, please let us know.  If you see one on the side of the road in less-than-great-shape – duct tape can work wonders! Or you can donate money to help purchase dog houses.

Angie also buys collars and other supplies to give these dogs as much comfort as possible.

We have three drop off locations: in the driveway at 414 Cliffdale Ave, Dallas; in the driveway at  8726 Santa Clara, Dallas; or behind the brick wing wall to the left of the house at 7321 Tangleglen Drive, Dallas. We will be happy to provide a tax receipt.

To donate to purchase dog houses, click here to donate!

No amount is too small!!!


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