Donations Needed for Equipment

Every day, independent rescuers and street teams work tirelessly in areas of our community most will never see. They serve the truly underserved. Animals that are castaways, forgotten, scrounging for food and shelter in neighborhoods where people are also struggling.

Some of these dogs and cats are not socialized with people. Special equipment is frequently needed to humanely capture them and get them the medical care they need.

We would like to raise the funds to provide two pieces of equipment for one of these street teams and for an independent rescuer. They have done amazing work, but new and replacement equipment is needed so they can do more.

The dog pictured here was captured by a task force member, using a snappy snare and is now safe in a foster home with Animal Allies of Texas.

DUCK Team 6 needs a Magnum net, and Angie – an independent rescuer – is in need of a snappy snare.

Our hope is to raise the money to provide the net, plus a spare net and an extension pole for DUCK Team 6, and two sizes of the stronger stainless steel snappy snares for Angie.

The total cost will be about $450.00 plus shipping and handling. We are asking for $475.00 to cover cost of the equipment plus shipping and handling.

If you can help, no amount is too small – 48 people could donate $10 and we would have what we needed!

If you can donate and wish to do so online, click here. If you would prefer to mail a check, you can make it out to DAA, be sure to put DCAP in the memo/note line and mail it to: 6022 White Rose Trail, Dallas, TX, 75248.



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