The Crossroads Project, Part II

The Crossroads Project is the partnership with Crossroads Community Center in downtown Dallas we mentioned in “The Crossroads Project: Helping keep pets out of shelters“.  Crossroads provides low-income families with food, clothing, career counseling, and other amenities — including a limited amount of pet food, when available. That’s where DCAP is helping. Over the last few months we’ve donated over 1,000 pounds of pet food to Crossroads to distribute to their clients.  And now we’re taking that one step further.

As part of the outreach project at Crossroads, we surveyed Crossroads clients to find out what exactly their pet-related needs are. The first batch of surveys was recently completed and the results support what we suspected: Crossroads’ clients don’t just need pet food, they need spay/neuter, vaccinations, vet care and grooming services as well.

According to the surveys, 34 dogs and five cats owned by participants were un-altered. In every case, the owners of those pets indicated they wanted to get them spayed or neutered, but hadn’t been able to afford it. We’re working with the Big Fix for Big D partners now and hope to soon be able to provide spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations and registration for Crossroads clients for only $20 per pet. In addition, The Petropolitan is donating grooming services for any dogs in need of help.

If you’d like to help provide spay/neuter surgeries or vaccinations for a cat or dog in need, you can donate online through the Dallas Animal Advocates website (scroll down to DCAP Crossroads Project), or email us for more information.

All content Copyright 2012 Dallas Companion Animal Project.  Email for more information


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