Jada reminds us we’ll always need rescue groups and shelters

No matter how hard we try, there will always be a need for shelters and rescues groups to help find new homes for the dogs and cats that simply cannot stay in the ones they have, and that’s the case with Jada. She needs your help.

This is Jada today.  When we first met her at an outreach even for low-income pet owners in Southeast Dallas in June, she was covered in mange (see below).  Her owner had brought her to us to try and get her some help.  He’d already been to the vet and had tried his best to care for her, but the medicines weren’t helping. One of the volunteers that day was able to hook Jada’s owner up with a special fund that helped provide the treatment she needed, and her hair has now grown back.  But circumstances have changed and now, sadly, her owner can no longer keep her.

She is healthy, vaccinated, heartworm negative and has 2 more months of preventatives.  She is not yet spayed, but the cost of that will be taken care of by the same organization that paid for her care. The vet said she is a heeler/terrier/shepherd mix. She is about 5 months old. She is very loving and sweet with kids, dogs and people. She is house-trained, and absolutely adorable.

Paws In The City will take Jada into their Guest Dog adoption program if they can just find someone can foster her. Can you help?  If you think you can, please email Becky at bahisma@gmail.com for more information. They will transport her to you.

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  1. Regarding Jada the puppy with mange. I was helping out at the DCAP / KKAAP Outreach last month when this poor puppy was brought in totally covered in manage. Luckily it was Demo – the kind that is not contagious – and she was the SWEETEST dog ever. She LOVED her owner and actually does tricks. We were so impressed with her big smile and even bigger heart and the fact that she must have been in terrible pain and agony from her being covered in mange – but she never quit smiling from all the attention she received. She would make a WONDERFUL pet and it would be horrible if she ends up at DAS. I would foster her in a minute if I did not have so many other fosters at this time. Since her mange is not contagious she would be fine with other animals. Someone must help this pet. She is so sweet and so APPRECIATIVE! She deserves a second or third or possibly it might be fourth – chance at a loving caring home.

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