New buy one, donate one program from FreeHand helps

The Dallas Companion Animal Project Task Force has been working overtime these past few months laying the groundwork for the various initiatives necessary to help reduce the euthanasia of adoptable animals in our community.  Over the next few weeks we expect to have a number of important announcements, like this news today from FreeHand:

FreeHand today announced a new line of high quality dog food that helps shelters and rescue groups save at-risk dogs in the community. FreeHand Meals are nutritious, balanced, super premium meals for your dog, and every time a pet owner purchases a bag of FreeHand to feed their dog, the company will donate the exact same amount of food to a participating shelter or rescue group to feed a dog in need – pound-for-pound, scoop-for-scoop, meal-for-meal – every day, with no maximum.  It’s that simple.

Local doggy spa and daycare provider The Petropolitan teamed up with FreeHand as they worked on this new line of social justice products – products that benefit local rescue organizations and free up funds for achieving the ultimate goal, saving animals. All FreeHand foods are premium natural foods free of corn, wheat, gluten and soy, and they will be available for purchase at The Petropolitan, 408 South Harwood in Dallas, beginning Monday, June 11th, or you can pre-order by calling 214-741-4100.

DCAP Animal Advocacy partners, rescue groups and shelters interested in participating in the FreeHand program are invited to attend a forum on Tuesday, June 12th at the ReelFX studio in Deep Ellum (301 N Crowdus St, Dallas TX 75226) from 5:30 to 7:30to learn about the details, ask questions and become part of the FreeHand family.

In addition to the introduction of the new caused-based dog foods, FreeHand has developed the FreeHand Corps (FHC), an incredible network of animal enthusiasts active in the community on behalf of local rescue organizations.  Recently launched through Facebook, FHC has over 47,300 FreeHand Corps  who are able to directly interact with the partners and people that are committed to saving dogs.  Check them out at


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  1. What about cats? There are lots of programs for dogs but cats seem to be left out.

  2. dallastaskforce

    We had the same question, Ann, and they’re already working on more products, including products for cats – yeah!

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