Got a suggestion? We want to hear it!

We’re working hard to identify what’s lacking in our community when it comes to caring for companion animals.

How do we decrease the number of animals entering shelters and rescue groups? Increase the number of animals reunited with their owners? Keep beloved companion animals in homes they already have? Increase the number of pets adopted? Increase support and funding for spay/neuter?

If you’ve got a suggestion, please let us know. We’re looking for specific programs and initiatives that have been used successfully in other areas, lessons learned from personal experiences, and unique, “outside the box”  ideas that we may not have seen before.  We want your input.

Just click on the “Suggestion Box” tab at the top of the page and tell us what you think!



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  1. How about developing foster home program for spay and nuetering cats and dogs, where voluteers who have the room and time to take in animals that need spay, nuetering and shots take in animals, coordinate drop off and pick up efforts, collect donations of money, cat and dog food, and traps and so on…

    Ennis has a lady who volunteers to coordinate cat pick up for sterilization and shots at her home which seem to work well. She may have some insight.

    Feel free to contact me

  2. Ban retail puppy/kitten sales. This will encourage people to adopt from shelters and rescue organizations (including breed specific) and will open spots in families for homeless animals.
    There is a great article on this in this month’s D Magazine. I think it is a great idea.

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