Top Five Reasons to Support Dallas CAP

#1 Dallas CAP will work cooperatively with the City of Dallas, Dallas Animal Services, the Mayor and City Council to engage and energize the community and to put in place programs and initiatives that keep pets in homes and out of shelters, increase the number of animals adopted and transferred from area shelters, and reduce – ultimately eliminate – the euthanasia of adoptable homeless pets. 

#2 Dallas CAP will not compromise the quality of life of homeless pets or our community, nor will we compromise public safety.  We will not allow injured and terminally ill animals to suffer needlessly, will not do anything to cause an increase in the number of strays wandering our neighborhoods, and will not allow unwanted pets to languish in shelter cages for years.

#3  Dallas CAP’s 12 members combined have more than 100 years of animal rescue and animal sheltering experience. They include representatives from public and private animal shelters, all-breed and breed-specific rescue groups, shelter assistance programs, feral cat programs, a veterinarian, home owner groups, advocacy groups, the Animal Shelter Commission and the Dallas Police Department.

#4 Dallas CAP We will never waste resources. We will give you honest, factual information and spend our time and money creating a blueprint for success – and then implementing that plan.

#5 Dallas CAP will always focus on the positive and on working together with the community. We want to work WITH you, not against you.  Because together we can stop the killing of homeless pets and make Dallas a better place for companion animals and their people. We want you to be a part of the solution!

Join us today!


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