Welcome to the Dallas Companion Animal Project

Welcome to the website of Dallas Companion Animal Project, the official task force appointed by the City of Dallas in July of 2011.  Originally conceived by the Animal Shelter Commission on June 23, 2011, our mission is to guide the community toward increasing programs to end the killing of adoptable homeless animals.


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  1. Oh happy day! Please notify ReadLarryPowell.com whenever there is something individual animal lovers can do to help. Lots of us read his blog daily.

    Patsi Aucoin

  2. I’m all for reducing euthanasia and increasing adoptions. Just be careful about “NoKill.” Other cities such as New York and Los Angeles had that same goal. In order to try to meet that goal past GMs did some things which were inhumane. They overcrowded the kennels. Many more animals died from disease and cage fights. They refused kittens and feral cats telling the public to TNR the animals. The public didn’t spayneuter them and the cat population exploded. Giving away cats for free to the public or just any rescuer is also not a good idea. Some of the animals ended up in inhumane hoarder situations. New York has since given up the “NoKill” goal. They now strive to reduce euthanasia and improve adoptions.

    • Hi Mary, We are guessing that GMs means general managers but no one can guess what TNR means. Appreciate your comments but would like to understand everything that you are saying. Maybe if we all were in the loop, we would know what that means! We had to put our last two dogs down a little over a year ago and it’s difficult to replace them but working on it. One problem is the expense. I think that is why a lot of people are abandoning there pets during these hard times. I can’t imagine that. Could you abandon your child? If the city would help us with the expense of maintaining the health of our pets, I know a lot more people would adopt. Maybe this can be done by transferring the expense of the kennels maintaining the abandon animals, including euthanasation, to lowering the expense of us adopting and keeping them healthy. I have a fenced acre of land in the middle of Dallas and would love to have at least four dogs. I’m retired on limited income but would love to have a yard full. Any suggestions? I know we need to keep the population under control and definitely stop the so called “Puppy Mills” I hear horror stories about the animals that aren’t bought. Thanks to you and all of you animal lovers that have that special place in their heart for these wonderul creatures God has given us. It breaks our hearts to see what is going on. Blessings to all!

  3. GM is General Manager. TNR is trap neuter return of cats to outdoor feral colonies. The economy has made things very difficult for animals. Intake at most shelters has increased since 2007. Adoptions are down at most shelters. People lost their homes and had to move into smaller apartments or their friends’ homes who don’t allow pets. Again, I’m all for reducing euthanasia and increasing adoptions. It’s just the term “NoKill” has been abused. Here is one such “NoKill” failure. http://network.bestfriends.org/2468/news.aspx They over crowded the cages and 1,000 animals had to be euthanized because of disease. Similar things happened in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Being humane to animals should come first. I’d rather an animal be euth’d than die from a disease or cage fights.

  4. It’s great to read about promising changes coming at Dallas Animal Control. Thanks for all the good work.

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